Ever seen a sand dollar? Maybe you’ve seen them down at the beach but weren’t exactly sure what they were or what they are called exactly. Many people tend to overlook them or not pay them much attention if they do happen to see them, but sand dollars ae actually pretty fascinating creatures.
The reason they are called sand dollars is because they have coin-like shells (of dead animals). Closely related to starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchin, these strange looking marine invertebrates can commonly be found in the temperate and tropical parts of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
In addition to their peculiar appearance, another thing that makes sand dollars totally fascinating is the way they move across the ocean floor. They use their miniature spines to get from one place to another, and they can move pretty fast.
Sand dollars use spines on the upper side of the body for breathing, but it’s pretty rare that you get to find one on the beach that is still alive. But the woman in the video below did, and decided to share her unlikely discovery with others.
The footage she captured of the live sand dollar is fascinating to watch, so take a look: