Abandoned Dog’s Tail is Tucked Under Him in Fright Until He Meets Rescuer

While riding his moped back to the Takis Shelter, Theoklitos Proestakis, widely known as “Takis,” spotted a young hunting dog abandoned by the side of the road. The dog appeared terrified, with its tail tightly tucked under its body, hesitant to approach Takis despite his gentle coaxing.

Realizing the urgency, Takis called for assistance and, with a little more patience and encouragement, managed to guide the dog into a trap. Upon reaching the shelter, Takis observed that the dog, named “Jerry,” was frightened because he believed he would be harmed. However, through Takis’ dedicated efforts, Jerry gradually began to trust and soon greeted him with a joyous wagging tail.

Jerry’s transformation has been remarkable since his arrival at the Takis Shelter. He shows respect towards the cats, exhibits playful energy with other dogs, and possesses a delightful personality. Despite these positive qualities, Jerry, who is 2.5 years old, remains unadopted as of May 2023.

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