Life is hard. We’re faced with all kinds of challenges every step of the way, and we sometimes feel overwhelmed and like we are not going to manage to overcome them. But most of the times, we find the strength we need to move on and pick ourselves up.
It’s what this little goat did when faced with an extreme challenge, namely crossing a raging river. For goats that spend most of their time on tall hills and mountains, water can turn out to be deadly.
You have to remember that goats are more at home in the high cliffs, so rivers like the one in the video below can prove to be too much of a challenge. Their hooks that help them climb tall cliffs are off no use to them in the water. So it’s an extremely dangerous situation for them to be in, one that requires using all of what they’ve got.
It’s particularly hard for little goats who lack the strength and the experience they need to battle the raging water.
Will this baby goat manage to cross the raging rapids to be reunited with his family? Watch this video that will keep you on the edge of your seat and find out!