The campaign for the presidency of the United States has been exhausting, right? Watching the two candidates spurt their venom into the public space and seeing them do whatever it takes to get more votes has put a toll on all of us.
And at the end of this long and difficult campaign, Trump being chosen president has left many in shock. The stakes of this election are high, but that shouldn’t stop us from unwinding and taking a little break from it all. Or at least try.

Probably these elections left a bad taste in your mouth and you voted holding your nose. You might have been happier voting for Popeye. Few people remember this, but Popeye, a member of the Spinach Party, and Bluto were once both running for president.
Therefore in that particular episode, the result of the election was left in the hands of Miss Olive Oyl who was last to yet to cast her ballot. Also It was only one of the candidates who managed to impress Olive and win the prestigious title.
In the famous cartoon, it all worked out for the best in the end. Let’s hope it will be the same considering this year’s election result.

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