Puppy Left Outside Shelter In Cardboard Box is the Happiest Dog Now

Several months ago, a heartbreaking scene was captured by surveillance cameras outside the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia. The footage showed a man wearing a headlamp approaching the shelter’s pathway, carrying a box. He placed the box on the ground and quickly fled. Inside the box was a tiny, three-month-old puppy. The poor creature was left all alone throughout the night, not venturing out of the confines of the box.

Milan, the compassionate caretaker of the shelter, ventured outside the following morning to rescue the frightened puppy. He explained, “In Serbia, it’s unfortunately common for people to abandon puppies indiscriminately.” Fortunately, in this instance, the puppy’s owner chose a location where the little one had a fighting chance at survival. Milan often rescues puppies from perilous locations such as forests or the side of the road, where tragedy can easily befall them.

The puppy, now named Meda, was granted a second lease on life. Milan describes Meda as a joyful and playful bundle of fur. This adorable pup didn’t have to wait long before finding a loving family. Five months after being abandoned, Meda now resides in Germany, where he is cherished by his new family.

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