The dog finds an injured parrot and now they are inseparable

A random meeting with a hurt bird in an Australian park sparked an unexpected inter-species bond that’s warming hearts worldwide. During a walk one day, the Israili family and their dog, Milo, discovered an injured bird in a park in Melbourne. The Galah was suffering from a broken wing, leading Abdul and his daughter Charlotte to bring it home for treatment. Milo, a cross between a Staffordshire Terrier and a Blue Heeler, was instantly drawn to the bird, keeping a close watch by the bird’s cage during its recovery, as the retold story goes.

After the bird had recovered, the family decided to free it, opening the cage to allow it to return to nature. However, the bird decided to stay, earning itself the moniker “Cracker.” Cracker started to make its way to the bottom of the cage to be nearer to the vigilant Milo. In return, Milo would attempt to show affection to Cracker by licking it through the cage. Eventually, Cracker made its way outside of the cage to join Milo on the floor. Charlotte kept a careful eye on their interactions, but the duo was nothing but gentle and caring towards each other. They soon became inseparable, sharing sleeping spaces and trailing each other around the home.

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