The dogs kiss their brothers just before saying goodbye

As a child, I was the proud owner of a feline named Patch. He and our dog, Bonita, were inseparable companions. They spent countless hours in our backyard, lounging together under the sun, bird-watching, anticipating leftover treats from our summer barbecues, and even sharing the same water dish—despite Patch having his own. Patch, while an exemplary pet, was a bit naughty and had a habit of tormenting the neighboring cats, revealing the profound connection he had with Bonita.

Bonita would anxiously dart around the garden, emitting distressed cries akin to “I can hear my buddy in trouble! Allow me to help!” Patch would eventually strut back, flaunting a piece of fur from his vanquished opponent. Overjoyed, Bonita would rush towards him, whining and wagging her tail, showering him with affectionate kisses. Patch, maintaining his cat-like demeanor, would playfully rebuff her before returning shortly after with an endearing headbutt. Bonita mourned her companion for months following Patch’s death in 2010.

My Uncle Max, throughout my childhood, consistently emphasized the emotional depth of animals, stating that they experienced feelings similar to ours. They form profound bonds not only with humans but also with each other. I stand firm in this belief, prepared to counter anyone who suggests otherwise, as pets are capable of immense love and profound sadness. This narrative is bound to stir the emotions of animal enthusiasts as it revolves around the everlasting love between dogs.

A stirring image of three Belgian Malinois dogs sharing a heartfelt farewell kiss circulated on social media, touching the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

The photo was posted by Reddit user Rawtashk, featuring their eldest dog, 11-year-old Sef, bidding farewell to the family. Sef was peacefully euthanized later that day.

Rawtashk stated in their post, “Our senior dog is down today. Somehow our other two seem to understand and have been bidding farewell all morning.”

The family had prearranged for a vet to euthanize Sef at home, surrounded by his loved ones during his final moments.

Rawtashk further shared, “You know you’ve found a gem when your vet, who typically doesn’t do home euthanasia, voluntarily makes an exception for the Boss.”

Revealing further details, Rawtashk shared, “This morning it happened. Somehow, Rhonin and Jaina both knew as they continually approached Sef to give him kisses while we awaited the vet’s arrival. Sef passed away peacefully while my wife and I comforted him, telling him how much we loved him and would miss him.

“You were the best companion I could ever hope for, Boss. I would have carried your burden indefinitely if it were possible, but it was unfair to you,” wrote Rawtashk.

The family later added, “Thank you all for your compassionate words. We bid our farewells, and he was cremated. His ashes will join our first dog’s on the mantle. You were the perfect companion I could ever hope for. I love you, my friend. I hope you enjoyed your journey.”

Since Sef’s passing, the family revealed to LADbible that their other dogs, five-year-old Rhonin and two-year-old Jaina, have been visibly upset.

“We have two more dogs,” he said. “Rhonin, the gentle soul, seems aware that something isn’t right. Jaina, on the other hand, is more lively and vivacious, and she doesn’t appear to be overly affected… but last night, she approached the couch and sniffed the blanket that Sef had claimed as his spot for the past five months or so.”

The owner added that Jaina, who typically is not allowed on the couch, boldly jumped up to curl up in Sef’s spot.

Sef’s owners hope that those moved by Sef’s farewell will consider supporting a dog rescue and donate to the American Belgian Malinois Rescue in his memory.

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