The pit bull thrown off the overpass finds a forever home with the woman who rescued him

While cruising along a freeway in Portland, Oregon, a woman named April Eells noticed something being tossed over an overpass. What initially appeared to be a bag turned out to be a pit bull, prompting her to stop immediately.
As it happens, April works at a veterinary clinic, providing the ideal immediate help the injured pit bull required. The animal had suffered severe injuries including broken bones and torn tendons, all of which necessitated extensive surgery for healing.

To cover the medical costs, April’s family rallied together to raise funds, and they were successful in their endeavors!

Over time, the Eells family grew attached to the resilient pit bull, naming him Hank and making the decision to adopt him. Interestingly, Hank serves as a powerful symbol for April’s daughter who had a close encounter with death the previous year when she survived an attempt to take her own life by jumping from an overpass.

Reflecting on this, April shared with KPTV, “We simply couldn’t give up on him. Both Hank and my daughter have survived their respective ordeals. In fact, my daughter underwent another surgery just last week. For some inexplicable reason, there seems to be a parallel between them. I believe Hank came into our lives for a reason. As a mother, I just know we won’t give up on him.”

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