3 Tiny Dancers Line Up Facing Wall, But Instant They Turn Around Audience Loses It With Laughter

Being in the spotlight and having hundreds of eyes focused on you and your every move is not an easy thing to do. Even experienced dancers get nervous being the center of attention, so it’s no surprise that most kids performing in their first talent shows tend to get really nervous as well.
However, if this video is any indication of the truth, some kids just have an innate talent to be entertainers. It definitely seems to be the case of the three tiny dancers in the video below. Not only do the little girls feel totally comfortable being on stage and performing in front of a large audience but they also seem to enjoy it quite a lot. And the audience loved every single second of their choreography as well.
All the three girls impressed everyone with their pizazz and stage charisma, but one of the little girls stood out in particular. Joanna, the girl in the middle, really channeled her inner Aretha Franklin for this performance, and the result is a viral video that you’re not going to want to miss.
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