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Officers decide bear cubs playing in the neighborhood are too cute to interrupt

When first responders from La Cañada Flintridge, California got a phone call from a concerned citizen about bears presence in the neighborhood, they naturally prepared for the...

Kind fishermen save starving fox stranded on an iceberg miles out at sea

Usually when sealing on a crab-fishing boat, there are a lot of surprising things to spot. Mallory Harrigan and her crew were fishing crabs in the Atlantic...

Owl casually joins helicopter pilot to battle California wildfires

With the massive wildfires continuing to rage all over California, any help is so appreciated. Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers are putting their lives on the line...

Grateful owl won’t stop hugging the man who saved her life

GiGi, a great horned owl was in a terrible condition when first brought to Wild at Heart Rescue in Mississippi. The little creature’s fate seemed sealed after...

Viral footage shows hiker stalked by cougar for 6 endless minutes

It definitely were the longest and most intense 6 minutes from his entire life, for this young hiker in Utah.Kyle Burgess went for a run at the...

Stunning photos showing hummingbirds are so beautiful they almost don’t look real

Mother Nature offers some truly exceptional sights, but these multicolored tiny little things look out of this world. Naive to the Americas, the hummingbirds are the smallest...