For 37 Years He’s Sang In The Subway, Leaves Everyone’s Jaws Hanging Singing “Unchained Melody”

Life can be extremely unpredictable sometimes, and the man in the video below knows it way too well. Mike Yun has always had a tremendous passion for music and singing, but it seems like he could never catch a break when it comes to starting his career as a professional singer.
For a really long time, the only place where he could share his talent with others was the New York subway system. But his talent didn’t go unnoticed and people started sharing videos of him singing online which helped grow his popularity.
That’s how the producers from America’s Got Talent found out about him and invited him to come and audition for a place in the competition. The man was beyond excited to finally share his talent with the world and show what he can do.
He decided to do a rendition of Unchained Melody, and his performance earned him a standing ovation from the audience. Deeply touched by the audience’s reaction, Mike teared up and thanked the audience for their positive response.
We hope this is only the beginning for Mike, and that he has a chance to fulfill all of his dreams in the music industry. For now, have a listen:

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