5th Grader Starts Garden To Feed His Poor Family, Is Now On A Mission To Feed Entire City

Austin King Hurt is only in fifth grade, but he already has plans to change the world, one garden at a time. The boy from Indianapolis is making headlines across the country, and it is all for the right reasons.
Austin King, or The Young Urban Gardener as he is better known online, has managed to amass quite an impressive following on YouTube and Facebook where he provides gardening tutorials. What began as a project to help out his parents put food on the table turned into a mission to help feed an entire community of people.
Austin started learning about gardening approximately three years ago. It was need that pushed him to do this.
Instead of complaining or turn to begging, Austin started to look for solutions. And that’s how he came up with the idea to put together a small garden and actually grow food to feed his family.
Since then, Austin has managed to grow all kinds of vegetables, fruits and even herbs for his loved ones. But his ambitions extend past just helping his family. Austin actually has plans to build a bigger garden to feed an entire city!

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