7 Girls Line Up Onstage and Look Left. When The Music Changes, The Crowd Burst into Laughter

By now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of talent performances via video, but chances are you’ve never seen anything quite like the one in the video below. The concept of their routine is so simple that it’s actually genius.
Through some clever use of color, the dance crew managed to achieve an amazing optical effect that is going to make you think that your eyes are playing tricks on you. But you’ll enjoy every second of it.
With mismatched tights, the seven girls lined up to do their routine and everyone in the audience was a tad confused as to way the ladies were dressed the way they were. But as soon as the music started playing and the girl bursted into dance, it became clear that the audience was in for a treat.
If you like surprising, outside the box performances that go beyond what you’re used to, then you will most likely appreciate these young women’s routine as well. It’s pretty amazing what effect a seemingly simple idea that is executed correctly can have, right?
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