He is only 7 inches tall, but Norbert is bringing everyone big smiles

Is this the cutest dog on social media? Well, with more social media followers than the average human, Norbert has sure earned his status of an Internet sensation. Norbert has almost a million fans across all of his social media accounts thanks to his adorable appearance.
But the pup is more than just an adorable face, though, He’s helping to heal those in need with his work as a therapy dog. The dog barely weighs 3 pounds, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in personality. His spunky spirit and big heart makes everybody fall in love with him instantly.
But the one who loves him the most is his owner Julie Steines who has had Norbert since he was four months old. The pup is extremely well-behaved and attached to his owner. For Julie, it was love at first sight. Norbert is actually her first dog, and it took her about a year and a half to find a dog that she felt would be right to become a new member of the family.
Julie find Norbert through a rescue organization, and she knew as soon as she saw his picture that he is going to be her dog. Adorable!

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