8-Year-Old Requests Cup for Her Performance. When She Begins, Judges Can’t Contain Themselves

When Larissa stepped on stage to audition for “The Voice Kids,” she was feeling pretty confident. Although the little girl is only 8-years-old and has pretty much no experience performing in front of a live audience, she knew deep inside that she was going to leave a lasting impression on the judges.
That’s because this young contestant from Germany had an ace up her sleeve. You see, Larissa decided to do a rendition of Cups by Anna Kendrick. In case you didn’t know, there is a routine that goes with the song, a routine that you can see both in the movie Pitch Perfect, as well as in Anna’s music video for the song.
Learning this routine is no small feat, but this talented girl managed to perfectly recreate it for her audition. Combine that with her incredibly sweet voice, and you’ll see why the judges couldn’t help but be impressed by her performance.
In fact, most of them turned their chairs before she got a chance to sing the first chorus.
This is one of the sweetest performances you will ever hear. Take a look and make sure to also share this with your friends as well.

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