9 Men Line Up to Dance. But Watch Man in Front When Women with Drums Come Out

Who doesn’t like Riverdance, right? Featuring Irish dancing professionals, the show consisting mainly of traditional Irish music and dance is one of the most spectacular, high-energy dancing performances out there.
The concept of an Irish dancing show that only features the best dancers in the world was first envisioned by Irish dancing champions Jean Butler and Michael Flatley.
It was April 1994, and the two were determined to put the basis of a fabulous group of dancers who represented the very best in the Irish dancing world. The success was almost immediate, and Riverdance ended up touring all over the world, constantly expanding its base of dancers.
If you’ve ever had a chance to see Riverdance live on stage, then you know that the show they put on involves more than a perfectly-timed choreography. It’s a complete experience that captures the essence of traditional Irish music and dance – with a twist.
The video below shows a Riverdance performance from a few years back, and it’s one of the best things we’ve seen in a while. It never gets old seeing these talented dancers move in perfect sync, even if it’s just via video. Check it out:

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