A Huge Whale Is Stranded On The Beach In Nicaragua! 100 People Are Trying To Save It! Video + Photos

A huge whale was stranded on a beach in southern Nicaragua, and dozens of locals and tourists struggled for hours to push it into the water, but their efforts were however, unsuccessful.

The whale, about 60 feet long, was seen on the Popoyo beach, in the town of Tola, located at 111 kilometers from the capital, according to the declaration made by Mario Rodriguez, the delegate of the Ministry of Environment.
More than 80 people – locals and tourists – have spent the day trying to push the whale in the Pacific, but, exhausted, they stopped at the end of the day.
Policemen and officials from the Ministry of Environment have arrived at the spot and tried to find solutions to save the giant mammal, which could be a humpback whale.



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