A poor farmer raised his son alone after his wife died. What happened after the boy graduated will IMPRESS you to TEARS!

Images of a farmer and his son that graduated from a prestigious college in Thailand, have made waves around the world, and the story shows how special can a relationship be between a father and son.
The man in the pictures below has lost his wife at the birth of their son, but the farmer has worked hard every day to give the boy life without gaps and a better fate.

He encouraged his son to learn and even if they lived in a wooden house on the edge of a plantation, the farmer made ​​efforts to send the boy to one of the best universities in the country, Ratchpatr University in northern Thailand .

On the day the boy completed his doctorate, he returned to see his father, dressed in graduation gown and the pride of man is quite obvious in the images that “traveled”  around the internet.


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