Acrobat poses onstage. Her incredible routine is absolutely breathtaking

I’ve always admired acrobats, haven’t you? When I was little and used to see them perform on TV, I was always under the impression that they are some sort of super humans with incredible powers.
Years have passed, and I’ve come to realize my first impression as a kid was right. Acrobats do have special powers, and luckily they use them for good. They use their amazing skills and abilities to entertain us and show us that there’s really no limit when it comes to what the human body can do.
Just look at the amazing acrobats in the video below and tell me they don’t look like some sort of super heroes. This group of incredible women comes all the way from China. Their performance is representative to a certain region in China called Guangdong province.
There’s no way their style of dancing won’t impress you. To get more into detail, the style is called pas de deux which means “step of two” in French. Pas de deux requires two dancers performing classical ballet in a duet, and the result is downright incredible.
There’s really so much words can do this describe this. Better take a look and see for yourself.

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