Airline Announces a Fallen Hero On the Flight, Then Passengers Hear the National Anthem

A start has been born! A woman’s impromptu performance of the National Anthem has gone viral – and it’s all for the right reasons.
The woman is actually an Alaska Airlines employee, not a professional singer as you may think listening to her voice, and she began singing a moving rendition of the national anthem as a way to honor a fallen war veteran.
The entire performance was captured by one of the passengers who were lucky to witness the entire moment. Julia was boarding a flight set to depart from Anchorage, Alaska, when it all happened. As she later revealed after posting the clip on her Facebook account, a war veteran’s ashes were being transported on the same flight, so the airline employee wanted to do something special to honor the hero’s memory.
The man had served the country with courage and dedication, so the woman thought to use her talent to pay him a tribute and let other passengers know this was more than just a regular flight.
The woman who posted the video said he was “fighting back the tears” during her performance, and once you’ll take a look at the clip, you’ll easily understand why.

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