Armored Truck Spills Cash Onto Highway, Drivers Take Off With Most Of The Money

When you think about an armored car you usually think about how secure and impenetrable it would be to get inside one of those things. Not that you would ever try to rob one, but what if the money just fell out of the back. Would you take it?

Well, that was the case in Urbana, Maryland when the lock door in an armored truck appeared to malfunction and a bag of cash fell to Interstate 270 on Friday morning.

The drivers from highway take the money flying around the street and by the time the police arrived, there was only $ 200 left in the bag.

Police say many drivers stopped and took all the money they could before the fire department arrived and turned on the emergency lights of the fire trucks.

Now the police are looking for those who may have taken the money. They ask people to give back what they took.

If they are found to have taken the money and not returned it they could face theft charges. It is not certain how much money was in the bag initially.

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