As Man Performs Dangerous Stunt, His Wife Screams in Horror & Simon Jumps in to Stop Act

It may look all glamorous watching it from the comfort of your sofa, but there’s actually lot of pressure that contestants experience when auditioning for some of the most famous talent shows out there like America’s Got Talent.
Performers only have a few minutes to showcase their talent and show what they can do, and so many contestants are willing to go to extreme lengths to impress the judges and convince them that they are worthy of advancing to the next level.
But some say that the stunt in the video below was just too dangerous and risky- even for a show like America’s Got Talent that is all about putting on a show.
The man really took things to the extreme with a routine that involved him being buried alive live. The tension was even too much for his wife to bear who started screaming in horror, beginning him to stop! Even the judges were one step away from putting an end to it all.
All things considered, this is for sure the most dangerous audition of this season – and it’s something that will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat. This is not for the faint of

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