Attention! A Friendly Neighbor Transformed A Family Vacation In One Of The Most Expensive In The World!

This story in 100% real, and it happened to a nice family from U.K. This will be most expensive hollyday in the world, and not because of the plane tickets or the hotel! All events took place in September 2014. The Smith family saved money for an year, just to have a nice vacation in Mallorca, Spain. While they were having some great time time abroad, some strange events took place at their home.

Monday morning a team of workers arrived at their flat, carrying a brand new metal door. They knocked on the door, made a lot of noise but nobody answered. Hearing the sounds, James, the 63 year old neighbor went on the staircase and started talking with the workers :

– Hello, we are from Hepidoors * and we came to change your neighbor’s apartment door but no one answered the door.

– Well they’re not home, they’re away on holiday.

– Okay, we’ll take the boor back to the store. But it is a pity, they will lose the free installation of the door and only that cost about 200 pounds …

– Why is that ?!, asked the neighbor.

– The free installation offer is available only two days after you pay for the door. Well, there’s another solution … if you want to help …

– Well, I’ll help, I’m a good neighbor!

– We will need a power supply to plug in our tool, and we will take it from here!

James the neighbor agreed, and the team took off the old door in 1 hour, and after 50 minutes the new door was in place. In the meantime James supervised all the actions, everything was going well and at the end of the day, he received 4 keys from the new door. James promised them a nice reward for the good job. The next day the team returned and made the final adjustments.

Sunday, the Smith family returned home, went up stairs at the 4th floor and didn’t recognized the door. They double checked, and they were at right floor so they knocked in James’s door.

– You look so nice and tanned, that is perfect! But while you were having fun I had to work with the team to get things done!

– What team?! Asked Martin Smith, the head of the family.

– The Hepidoors* team, of course!

– What hepidoors*?! Are you crazy!?

Annoyed by the fact that Martin Smith wasn’t impressed by his good deed, James went inside and brought him the keys.
When they opened the door, the had a huge surprise. The house was completely empty ! No a single item was there, empty! Electronics, appliances, carpets, and even a few pieces of furniture … everything! Bastards even tried to steal linoleum!

– Martin, says the neighbor, I’m sorry that your new door that was so easily opened by thieves , but you have to give me 30 pounds, because I gave a small bribe the boys, for the great work.

– You’re an idiot, you don’t understand that those are the ones who stole everything?

– It’s not possible, because I have all 4 keys!

The police arrived, but nothing was ever found.

*Hepidoors does not exist ! We have change the name to avoid any misunderstandings.





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