Autistic Boy Confesses Dark Secret, Santa Grabs Him and Speaks 5 Words

All kids love Santa Claus, and the precious six-year-old boy in the video below makes no exception. So when she found out that Santa was going to be at a nearby mall, sitting down with the kids and listening to their wishes, his mom knew she had to take him there.
But she wasn’t exactly sure how the boy was going to react to seeing Santa. That’s because the boy has Autism, which means he has a different way of seeing the world. Still, the boy was able to give Santa his wish list, but soon after that, he went back to tell him why sometimes people think he’s naughty.
The boy said that his Autism sometimes gets him in trouble, but Santa reassured him that he knows that he is a good boy and that his condition only makes him special in his eyes. Also, he told the boy that he’s cherished by the entire North Pole family, including Mrs. Claus, the elves and reindeers as well.
Being different doesn’t make you a bad person, and Santa did a great job helping the boy understand that. With Christmas just around the corner, these are the kind of inspiring stories we should all share more, don’t you think?

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