Baby Girl Gets Bear from Deployed Daddy, Watch Her Flip Out When She Squeezes Its Hand

Nothing compares with the relationship between a father and his daughter. No words can come to describe how beautiful and meaningful this bond truly is. It’s a bond that begins to form early on, when kids are still extremely young.
Just take the adorable little girl in the video below as an example. Pia is daddy’s little princess, but unfortunately her daddy can’t always be by her side all the time. That’s because the man works in the Navy and often has to go away from his family for months and months in a row.
The little girl is still too young to understand why dad has to go away for extended periods of time, so dad decided to send her something special to remind her that he is always thinking about her.
You see, before he left, the man built Pia a lovely bear. Dad recorded his voice and then put the recording inside the bear so that Pia can listen to his voice whenever she misses him and want to hug him. The little girl’s reaction when she receives the bear and hears her dad’s voice is truly endearing.
What a sweet gift, right?

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