BatDad is a serious contender for Father-of-the-Year

They say people change once they become parents. They become more responsible, more serious and just more like grown-ups. They also become busier, and less likely to do fun things like go out and enjoy themselves.
Well, the dad in the video below doesn’t necessarily think things should be this way. Blake Wilson, the man behind the mask of viral Vine video sensation BatDad, is convinced that the best way to teach his kids valuable life lessons and get close to them is through humor. This superhero father of four young children says he is just a normal dad who is always trying to find the best ways to connect with his children and figure the whole parenting thing out.
Still, the Florida dad has managed to accomplish something that is definitely out of the ordinary. The man became a social media superstar thanks to his hilarious vines that depict scenes from his everyday life as a dad, scene that most parents out there can relate to.
Parenthood is hard, complicated and messy sometimes, but this guy is definitely doing a great job raising his kids. At the end of the day, all dads who are involved in raising their children are superheroes, don’t you think?

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