Bears Dancing To ‘Jungle Boogie’

Most of us have only seen bears at the zoo. But it’s in their natural habitat where bears truly show off their personality and where they can live life free
In the wild, bears have to fight for their survival, but it’s also where they feel freest and happiest. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below captured by the cameras of BBC Earth.
The producer from Planet Earth 2 left remote cameras in the Canadian Rockies hoping to get some Grizzly bears on video. But what their cameras actually captured was way more than anybody could have ever hope or expect.
The video shows a bear trying to scratch an itchy spot that he can’t get to, and him rubbing against a tree makes it look like he is actually dancing to a disco beat.
Looking at this footage it’s safe to say bears have a lot of talents we don’t know about. And it sure looks like the bears are really enjoying themselves. In fact, it looks so much fun that you’ll probably want to join in. As long as you have a giant tree in your living room, you should be able to match up to them.

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