They Are The Best Buddies, But Sharing Is Not Their Biggest Strength. HILARIOUS!

Animals have proven time and time again that they are able to form some unlikely friendships with each other. But a cat befriending a mouse? Now that’s taking things to a whole new level. We’ve all seen Tom& Jerry, so this unlikely friendship seems impossible!
Well, the cat and mouse in the video below prove why it’s best to never say never. The two not only feel comfortable being in the same room, but they also eat from the same bowl. Now that’s impressive, right? To be completely honest, they still have some trouble sharing the food with one another, but their friendship is still pretty impressive.
Seeing a mouse and cat being so close to one another and without being in any danger whatsoever is definitely a rare sight. We’re not sure how the two came to spend time together and become friends, but it’s surely a big achievement, at least as far as rodents are concerned.
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