Blind Mom Goes Skydiving with Brother, Then She Feels a Strange Popping And Can See Again

You know that feeling you get whenever you watch one of those Hollywood movies and something incredible happens? The first thought that runs through your mind is that that could never happen in real-life. Well, what happened to the woman in the video below beats any Hollywood script and it’s totally real.
Josie Paille was only a teenager when she lost sight in one of her eyes due to a vein occlusion. Josie did an amazing job adjusting to her disability, and most people in her life weren’t even aware that she had a disability. Still, when doctors told her that the same condition was affecting her good eye as well and that she will ultimately go completely blind, Josie was devastated.
That’s when her brother Peter came with an idea that would change her life forever. The man suggested her to go skydiving before she went completely blind and create an amazing visual memory that she could hang on to forever.
Although Josie didn’t want to do it at first, she finally agreed to give it a shot. While she was midair, she heard a pop somewhere behind her eye and felt and excruciating pain, but her instructor dismissed it saying it was probably just her ears popping from the pressure.
But the next day when Josie woke up, something incredible happened. Check it out:

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