Boaters in Louisiana spot a very rare sight, capture a pink dolphin swimming in the waters

A pink dolphin might sound like something that could only exist in a Disney picture, but believe it or not, pink dolphins are actually real, and there’s footage to prove it.
Meet Pinkie, the one-of-a-kind pink dolphin cruising the waters of Louisiana! The dolphin has been swimming in these waters for years, but as you can imagine, the first people who saw the dolphin had a little trouble trusting their eyes in the beginning.
But when footage showing the dolphin started surfacing online, there was no denying that Pinkie was as real it gets. In fact, there’s actually a logical explanation for the dolphin’s peculiar color.
As you may have already know, dolphins generally have pink bellies. However, dolphins whose skin is entirely this color are extremely rare. According to experts, dolphins who are completely pink most likely have a genetic defect called albinism, a condition that is also present in humans.
Excepting his color, though, Pinkie is a totally normal dolphin and doesn’t seem to care that he looks different than fellow dolphins!
This is surely not something you see every day, so make sure to share these images with all of your friends and family online.

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