Boy Missing for 4 Years Found Hidden Inside Wall, Thanks To Clues He Left For Police

When a child goes missing, the first 24 hours are absolutely essential. After that, the chances of that child being returned are ever diminishing.
And in most cases, if more than a week goes by, the chances of a child being found alive are close to zero. Many cases of missing children have still remained unresolved, years after the report has been filed.
But there are certain happy exceptions that prove the rule. This is one of them.
In 2010, a young boy went missing, and although his mom alerted the authorities immediately as she realized her son was nowhere to be find, police were unable to figure out what might have happened to the child.
What’s more, his family, friends or neighbors couldn’t offer any details that might explain for the child’s sudden disappearance. It’s like the boy vanished into thin air. Bur four years after the boy went missing, police were finally able to piece together the various clues left behind by the victim which led them to an unbelievable discovery.
These are the kind of things that only happen in movies, so make sure to pay attention to this video to find out how everything unfolded and what was the outcome of the investigation.

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