Breaking: Sitcom Queen Mary Tyler Moore Dies at The Age Of 80

Legendary sitcom actress Mary Tyler Moore unfortunately passed away earlier this week, as announced through a press release issued to TMZ. She was eighty years old.
According to the statement, Mary died in a hospital in Connecticut, surrounded by friends and family, including her husband of more than three decades. The actress’s health had seriously declined in the past few years, and Mary was in an out of the hospital several times. In 2011, the woman had a brain surgery and had struggled with diabetes for many years.
Mary will forever be remembered as a groundbreaking actress, a producer, and a passion advocate Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The roles she played throughout the ’60s and ’70 helped shape a different image of women in the workplace. Moore’s iconic role in the 1970 as an ambitious career woman become a feminist symbol at the time, and encouraged hundreds of little girls and young woman to enter the business world, an environment typically viewed as belonging to men.
Her contribution was acknowledged by other strong women in the entertainment industry. Oprah Winfrey said Moore was a role model for all women in television, while Ellen DeGeneres said that she changed the world for all women.

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