What They Caught This Dog Doing Here Is Absolutely Hilarious!

It’s summer and we all know what that means: cocktails by the pool, road trips, barbeques with friends, and all kinds of other fun and exciting things. But we also know that with summer along come the unbearable, hot temperatures. There’s nothing worse than not being able to cool off during a hot, summer afternoon because you’re caught up at work and the AC has decided to take a day off.
Still, we have all kinds of methods available to help us cool off when the temperatures outside gets too high. There’s ice cream, cold drinks, cold showers, and the list goes on. For dogs, however, it’s not nearly as easy. Also, all that fur they have on can make them extremely uncomfortable. So dogs need to think outside of the box to beat the summer heat.
The dog in the video below, for instance, has found an awesome alternative to that backyard hose and decided give the Brooklyn Museum water fountain a try. The cold water was perfect to help him cold down, which clearly got him in the mood for some fun. The dog can be seen playing in the fountain in front of a crowd of people who gathered around to get a closer look at him goofing around.
You need to see this!

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