Children Gather On the Beach for Powerful Tribute Performance That’s Touching Hearts Worldwide

As you probably know, Omaha Beach in Normandy, France was one of the D-Day landing zones used by Allied forces during World War 2. Today, the beach is dotted with the remains of German bunkers and stands as a reminder of all the sacrifice made by those who fought during the war.
The place has a profound meaning, which is precisely why One Voice Children’s Choir chose it to perform a tribute to all the people who lost their lives in the horrors of the war.
With bare feet, the choir of children sang for all those who had perished on that beach and for all those who put their own lives at risk to save their brothers of arms and other innocent people. Their voices are stunning and their performance was absolutely flawless.
What’s more they sang the song in three different languages: English, French and Hebrew, and the way it all come together is nothing short but magical. This is for sure one of the most touching tributes I have seen in a while via video.
Make sure to grab a box of tissues before you hit play, because this one is definitely a tear-jerker.

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