A Christmas flash mob forms in the mall, then shoppers see a holiday performance of a lifetime

Malls from all over the world get pretty hectic during this time of the year, with shoppers browsing for those perfect gifts for loved ones and friends. And to be completely honest, it can get pretty stressful and crowded. But shoppers in the mall in the video below were treated to a special surprise, thanks to a one-of-a-kind flashmob that took place right inside the mall.
The enormous group of 120 U.S. Air Force Band musicians took over an entire floor to surprise shoppers with a holiday performance of a lifetime. The band began with a unique rendition of “Joy to the World,” and immediately, the crowd knew they were in for something extraordinary. And the group’s performance only got better and more spectacular as the routine progressed.
This Christmas flashmob proves that the extraordinary men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces are not only extraordinary brave and dedicated but also super talented and with great charisma as performers. This is for sure not something you get to see every day, so make sure to share this special performance with all of your friends and family online who might appreciate it as well.
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