Cinnamon isn’t just for the kitchen. Here are top reasons to use cinnamon in your garden

Cinnamon is a delicious and nutritious spice that you probably use to flavor your food. This spice is super yummy and it actually has many health benefits, so it’s really good for us humans. But did you know cinnamon is also good for your plants?
That’s right, you can use that bottle of cinnamon you keep on your spice rack to improve the health and the appearance of plants in your garden. Believe it or not, cinnamon has been used in the garden for a really long time thanks to the many benefits it offers plants.
One of the best thing about cinnamon that makes it such an efficient gardening solution is the fact that it has anti-fungal properties. This makes it very efficient when it comes to keeping moisture at bay and protecting seedlings from rot and disease.
Another thing that makes cinnamon such a great tool in the garden is the fact that it helps deter ants. The powdery substance will suffocate them, as well as many other insects that might eat up your plants otherwise.
The best part is that it’s completely non-toxic for humans, so you don’t have to worry about letting kids play around your plants anymore and inhaling substances that might hurt them.
Also, cinnamon dries out tissue and stops any rot getting in. All you have to do is sprinkle some ground cinnamon on soil, and it will kill fungi. Keep in mind, though, that cinnamon only works at a superficial level, so you might have to use other anti-fungi solutions in addition to it.
Add cinnamon to your plants’ diet and get ready to see the surprising results! Have a friend who loves taking care of their garden? Make sure to share these useful tips with them as well.

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