How complaining physically rewires your brain to be anxious and depressed

Although it may be hard to come to accept this, the truth is that we can’t control everything that happens to us. Some things just seem to be beyond our control. The only thing we can always control is our attitude, how we choose to react to the bad things happening to us.

You may think that by the time you get to react to something, the harm is already done, so your attitude doesn’t actually matter much. However, if you choose to surround yourself with negativity, that’s only going to make matters worse.

Constantly complaining about a certain situation or feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help solve the problem. In fact, it’s only going to bring everybody else down as well. Ultimately, this type of behavior is only going to cause you additional stress and anxiety.

There’s a better way to deal with unfortunate events and stressful situations that will inevitably occur in your life. And that is to drain negative energy from your system, and recharge with positivity.

You’ll find new perspective and new strength to deal with whatever life throws at you. Here are 5 powerful ways to recharge your energy and your spirit.

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