Cop arrives at home for noise complaint, suddenly grabs resident’s hand and dances salsa

A noise complaint usually means the end of the party – that unless the cop who responds to the complaint ends up joining the party! That was the case in a story coming from San Antonio, and people online can’t seem to get enough of it.
You see, the noise complaint was filed against a youth organization meant to encourage young people to find healthy ways of expressing their emotions, most specifically through dancing. The organization called the Next Generation Dance Crew hosted a get-together, and the kids and teens attending got a bit overexcited and turned up the volume.
Apparently, one of the neighbors thought that they were getting too loud and called the police. A San Antonio police officer arrived at the scene, but once he realized there was nothing else going on but some harmless fun, he decided not to shut down the party.
Instead, he asked to play a song. When the song he had requested came on, the most incredible thing happened. The police officer showed off his killer salsa moves, and got down with the kids at the party.
The best cops are the ones who really take the time to get to know their community and who get involved in their activities, don’t you think?

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