Cop pulls man over and looks in his car. Then he asks the man to follow him to Walmart

A cop’s kindhearted gesture is going viral and it’s all for the right reasons.
LaVonte Dell was driving with his 3-year-old daughter in the backseat when he noticed police lights flashing behind him. The man’s heart dropped to his stomach and he immediately started to worry. Why?
You see, the young dad is struggling financially, so the last thing he needed was a ticket. The man barely managed to feed himself while also raising a child, so paying a ticket was something that he simply couldn’t afford.
Now you may be wondering yourself why was the man concerned he was about to get a ticket? Was he speeding? Were his license plates expired? Nope. LaVonte was sure that the cop who pulled him over was going to give him a ticket because his car’s windows were too tilted.
But what happened next took dad totally by surprise. Instead of issuing him a ticket as he initially anticipated, the police officer told him to follow him to the nearest supermarket. The man was blown away by the remark, but obliged.
Once they got there, the police officer offered to pay for a car seat so that the man’s 3-year-old daughter would be safe from then on. Here are all the details about this incredible story that you need to know.

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