Cop Walks Up Behind Dancing Coworkers, Now Watch How Quickly He Steals the Spotlight

It’s not every day that you get to see a bunch of police officers do a choreographed routine while wearing their uniforms, so this clip is a real special treat.
The whole point of this clip was to show the public a different side to police officers and prove that although being in law enforcement is a challenging work environment, it can also be pretty fun at times.
More than that, the police officers wanted to convey the sense of camaraderie that exists between all members of the police community. The end goal was to encourage as many people to join the forces.
Well, I don’t if this is going to help them recruit more people and convince them to become police officers, but they certainly got our attention. And it’s definitely nice when police officers are willing to show us a different side to themselves than we are used to.
Their awesome moves and their positive attitude will surely bring a smile on your face, and if you’d like to spread the joy and make other people’s day just a little bit better, then make sure to share the clip as well. Thanks for watching!

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