Couple Breaks in and Tries to Steal Baby Girl, But Doesn’t See Family Pit Bull Waiting Outside

Pit Bulls have a bad rap for being instinctively aggressive dogs, and many people don’t want to see them near their babies. But the parents in the video below have their Pit Bulls to thank for their baby daughter being safely in their arms.
You see, someone broke into their homes one night and tried to steal their baby girl. After initially asked mom for money, the armed robber grabbed the baby from the woman’s arms and tried to run out the back door.
But the family’s two Pit Bulls met the robbers in the back yard and stopped them from running away with the baby. The dogs stood in front of the two robbers, and made it clear they have no intention of letting them get away with stealing the baby.
The number of reported children abduction is increasing alarmingly. Babies are taken from their homes and sold on the black market, or end up panhandling on the streets. If there weren’t for the family’s brave dog, things could have ended really bad.
Watch the video below to find out more about how it all unfolded and what happened to the robbers.

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