Couple Sees Cat Out in The Cold And Wonder Why It Isn’t Moving, Then Realize It’s Frozen In Place

It’s winter, and for many parts of the world, that temperatures dropping well below freezing point. The cold outside not only affects us but also animals, especially stray cats and dogs who don’t have many options when it comes to keeping warm.
Many stray animals unfortunately freeze to death during this time of the year. That’s why when this couple came across a cat that was frozen into the ground, they immediately thought of the worse.
The poor feline had frozen whiskers and wasn’t moving at all, but the couple decided to take a closer look anyway. Then is when they realized the cat still had a little bit of life left in her.
The cat was in serious danger of dying within minutes as a result of hypothermia, so the couple knew that had to move quickly. That’s the only way the cat had any chances of survival.
But they knew they couldn’t just pick her up. The cat could easily get injured in the process. So they decided to get a bucket of warm water and slowly pour it on her. As soon as the ice that covered her finally melted, they wrapped the frightened animal in a warm jacket. The cat sure looked grateful in the end.

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