Couple sing beautiful duet of “One Day” in the car – Baby has the most precious reaction

A video showing a loving couple beautifully singing Matisyahu’s “One Day” while holding their baby in their arms is getting plenty of love and attention online, and it’s really no surprise why.
Mom and dad are both excellent singers, but the best thing about this clip has to be their baby’s reaction to their song of hope. Although the baby is too young to understand the exact meaning of the lyrics, he can fully grasp the emotion of the song which totally captivates him.
Also, mom and dad have an extraordinary vocal chemistry. Their voices blend in perfectly to create one harmonious sound. The baby seems totally swept away by his parent’s voices and the beautiful melody of the song.
According to specialists, babies who listen to music in the first months after birth are more likely to be successful in life later on. Also, music stimulates their creativity and helps their brains form all kinds of connections that are paramount in the first years of life.
Having said that, it’s safe to say the lucky baby in the video below is all set in this regard. His parents know how important music is and are actually talented enough to sing for their precious infant.

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