Cover beef chuck roast in flour and place in slow cooker. 8 hours later, the result is divine

Want to try a new recipe this upcoming weekend, one that will impress your loved ones and leave them wondering when did you have time to take cooking lessons and put together a feast? Well, if the answer is Yes, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.
Pot roast is a staple Sunday meal, and by watching the video below, you’ll learn a simple way to cook this seemingly complicated dish with a minimum of effort. And not only is this incredibly easy to make, but it’s also extremely tasty and nourishing.
All you will need to make this is a slow cooker and few easy to find ingredients, such as boneless beef chuck roast, onions and beef gravy, flour, water and carrots.
The best part about this recipe is that preparation time is actually pretty short. Once you get all of your ingredients ready and put them in the slow cooker, your job is pretty much done. You can relax, watch a movie, maybe pour yourself a nice glass of wine while the ingredients are cooking inside the pot.
So what do you say? Are you willing to give this is a shot? All the instructions you need are provided right here in this video:

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