She Has A Crush On A Boy. Grandma’s Advice Has Everyone In Laughter

Do you remember your first crush? I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t forget how all those new feelings taking over me made me feel – even if that moment was decades ago. Well, for the adorable toddler in the video below, that moment of her first crush is now, and she is not exactly sure how to handle it.
Luckily, she has someone who has some experience in this area and to whom she can turn for advice. That special someone is her grandma, and the woman has some awesome tips on how to handle relationships, tips that will surely make you laugh out loud.
From writing letters to taking time to making sure you always dress nicely, grandma knows every single tip that women can use to get the men they want. Of course, the girl is too young to be able to wrap her head around most of the knowledge grandma shared with her.  But the important thing is that she took the time to listen and seemed open to her grandma’s suggestions.
What is the most important lesson you can take away from this clip? Grandmas always know best.

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