Customer Refuses to Sit Near Special-Needs Child, So Waiter Denies Man Service

Consider how far we’ve come so far, it seems unbelievable that kids with special needs still struggle with being stigmatized and mistreated for something they really have no control upon.
But it’s a reality that many special needs kids and their parents have to deal with on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are also those who are doing their part in helping the world change for the better and who fight against stigmatization.
Michael Garcia, a server, is one of those people. While he was at work one day, he witnessed a baffling scene. A man who was with his family having dinner at the restaurant decided to move seats because there was a boy with special needs seated next to them.
The man made his feelings pretty clear when he said that kids with special needs should “be special somewhere else.”
The boy’s mom realized it was because of them that the family moved, but didn’t want to say anything to cause any trouble. However, Michael also witnessed the scene, and decided to do something about it to let the man know that his behavior was not acceptable at his restaurant.
As it turned out, the customer isn’t always right.

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