Dad Sings ‘You Are So Beautiful to Me.’ Baby Girl’s Response Bringing Tears to All

It’s hard to put into words how a dad feels when he looks at his daughter. So the man in the video below decided to showcase how he feels about his baby daughter by singing instead. And the baby’s precious reaction has turned this clip into a viral one.
Dad did a soft rendition of “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker and judging by the way his baby girl responded to it, it was for sure the best choice possible. As dad sings while gently holding her on his lap, the baby instantly starts smiling and even gets tears in her eyes, as she listens to the lyrics and beautiful melody.
In turn, dad is visibly touched by this interaction as well, and luckily, mom managed to capture the entire moment on video. You should also know that the baby is only two-months-old, which only makes this moment that more special, considering that a baby this young doesn’t usually smile for such an extended amount of time.
It’s impossible to watch this and not get a big smile on your face, so make sure to pass this along to all of your friends and family online.

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