Dad Struggles for Hours to Install New Cat Door. The Cat’s Reaction Has Internet in Laughter

Is it just me or do cats sometimes do things just to spite you? Well, even if they don’t do it intentionally, there is no denying that felines can be difficult at times. Unlike their canine counterparts, felines don’t put a lot of effort into showing appreciation or any kind of gratitude whenever you do something for them.
In all fairness, this attitude is a big part of their overall charm, but even so, it would be nice if cats would sometimes show us that we’re not just wasting our time doing stuff for them.
Take the owner in the video below, for instance. The man spent a considerable amount of time installing a new door for his cat so that she could come in and out whenever she wanted. The man really hoped that the cat will like it and use it, but things didn’t go as planned.
The cat didn’t show a single sign that she would in any way be interested in the new cat door. What’s more, she defied her owner by showing him that she doesn’t need any help getting inside the house whenever she feels like it.
If you love cats, this will make you love them even more!

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