Dad tells reporters he lives inside a gas station. Take a peek inside

We’ve see a lot of unconventional homes via video, but this one goes straight to the top of the list of strangest homes we’ve ever come across.
Robert Guthrie managed to turn an old gas station just outside the French Quarter in New Orleans into a modern living space, and proved that there’s nothing you can do as long as you flex your creative muscle and are not afraid to think outside the box.
When Robert first saw the gas station, it was in a pretty bad shape. The gas station was about 100 years old and in desperate need of some essential repairs. However, the man noticed the old building has great potential.
He took advantage of the fact that the gas station was for sale at a great price and decided to buy it. At first, his son thought he had gotten mad. However, little by little, Robert convinced him that the gas station would make for an excellent home.
Now, the 2,000 square feet space has everything anyone could possibly need to live happily and comfortably. Want to take a tour of the place and see for yourself? All you have to do is hit play:

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