Daddy and Baby Girl Stand at Bridge Edge. Mom’s Captured Footage When Baby Falls Goes Viral

Once they become parents, many dads develop a unique set of reflexes meant to prevent their little ones from getting injured.
And these lightning-fast reflexes definitely come in handy considering that dangers can be lurking everywhere and young kids don’t yet have a sense of what is a dangerous situation and what is not.
Sometimes, a dad’s quick-thinking is that something that saves the day. It’s what happened in the case of the family below. Mom and dad were enjoying a visit to beautiful Yosemite Park when mom stopped to take a picture of dad and their precious little girl.
What mom didn’t realize was that the baby was standing dangerously close to the ledge of the bridge where they stopped to take the picture. And just as mom was ready to snap the photo, the baby girl tripped on something and almost fell off the side of the bridge.
Luckily, with the corner of his eye, dad saw that his baby girl wasn’t standing well on her feet and with one hand managed to prevent a possible disaster. The man’s awesome quick save captured on video is now going viral. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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